5.)   Recovery Strap (NOT A TOW STRAP!)

 NO metal hooked straps! They can become a "1 pound bullet" if anything were to break while the strap is under load. Recovery straps are designed to stretch like an elastic, tow-straps are not!  The strap of choice is 20-30 feet long with a rating of 20k to 30k lb.

8.)   A good sense of humor and a big smile in case you get stuck!!!  - We're here to have fun!

Club Requirements
Here's what PV4WD would like to see you wheeling with.

This will help make sure everyone has a great time, plays safe and is prepared in case things do go wrong.

4.)   Quality tires and a FULL-SIZE spare! 

Most stock Jeeps can easily handle a 30" tire and stay within the limits of the State of Maine inspection requirements. The stock size tires will work just fine for our 'stocker friendly' runs but for more advanced trails that we travel, a larger tire size and a more aggressive tread is recommended. Make certain your tires are, at the least, in safe operating order and have legal tread depth.

7.)   First aid kit, just in case! 
No explanation needed.​

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1.)   A Jeep Vehicle 

 If it doesn't say Jeep - it's not a Jeep! PV4WD is a Jeep club. Our 4-ton winches and smaller vehicle frames are just not prepared to recover your full-size, extended king cab, 1-ton with duallys mud truck. While it may be cool to wheel, please don't bring it along on our rides unless specifically invited to do so!


 "promoting a positive future for 4-wheel drive recreation"​

Penobscot Valley 4 Wheel Drive

6.)   Fire extinguisher 

Your Jeep is insured, but the forests are not. If a fire were to start it would be extremely difficult for assistance to reach the fire. Your unit should be rated for at least B and C class fires. That's electrical and gas/oil.

3.)   Secure tow points front & rear 

This one is easy - when you venture off-road you might get stuck. Without a place to safely attach a recovery strap, getting your rig un-stuck can change from a 5-minute pause to a half-day event!  A ball hitch is not a secure tow point for vehicle recovery!  Several local stores sell receiver hitch hooks. They are between $10 and $15. Snag one before you come out wheeling with us if you don't have your stock

J-hook still attached under the frame.

2.)   Vehicle and Age Requirements

*  You must be at least 18 years of age.

*  You must have a valid drivers license. 

*  Your vehicle must be inspected and 

have a valid registration. (unless you trailer in, 

trailer out and never touch paved roads)